Ron Bauer is a dynamic Venture Capitalist with extensive and broad international Private Equity investment experience focusing on emerging growth opportunities and rapid development, specifically within eSports, Gaming, Life Sciences, Blockchain Technology, MedTech and FinTech.

Ron has a proven track record of building start up ventures from early stage seed funding to exit. He has been an active investor in numerous companies that have completed private trade sales and mergers into larger public companies.

Ron has over 20 years experience working closely with international financial institutions that range from High Net Worth Investors, Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Firms, Private Banks, Family Offices and Brokerage firms.

He is a Financial Engineer with over 20 years of Capital Markets experience and the ability to adapt his skillset to a wide array of sectors as market conditions change. He has a wealth of close personal relationships and a vast network of contacts globally which allows him to guide and mentor his portfolio companies.

At the age of 16, he entered a Toronto city wide stock trading tournament, this fascination, combined with careful research, led him to invest heavily into Dia Met Minerals, a junior diamond company that eventually discovered a diamond mine and sold for over $1 Billion and kick started Ron’s fascination with the stock market and early growth companies.

Ron sits on the Board of Directors and is a Senior Advisor of numerous portfolio companies which include eSports Lab Ltd, Pari Match Africa Ltd, X Blockchain Games Corp, Polycade Ltd, MURALX Ltd, Blockchain Education Corp, Proofact Blockchain Corp, Blockchain Tickets Corp and Blockchain eSports Ltd.

Ron has an MBA from the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School in the United Kingdom.

Ron is a Partner of Los Angeles and London based Black Sheep Ventures, an eSports, Gaming and Blockchain Technology Venture Capital firm.

Los Angeles and London-based Venture Capital firm Black Sheep Ventures Ltd, focuses on Gaming, Blockchain and Immersive Technology companies.

One of America’s most innovative entrepreneurs, Nolan Bushnell, is Chairman and Co-Founder of Black Sheep Ventures Ltd. He is also founder of global icons Atari and Chuck E Cheese.

Bonsai Capital Ltd is a London-based Private Equity firm and Principal Investor, focusing on the Life Sciences, MedTech, FinTech and Artificial Intelligence Sectors.

The company’s founders have over 20 years’ Private Equity experience, listing companies on stock exchanges in Europe and North America.

Bonsai Capital Ltd helps scientific founders and entrepreneurs unlock their visionary ideas and intellectual property, taking ideas and concepts and turning them into thriving and successful businesses.

The business works with leading scientists, IP and Tech Transfer departments of world-class academic institutions around the world.

Day to day management, science and technology is left with the founders Bonsai Capital Ltd partners with. The company’s Principals are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the businesses it invests in, mainly on the capital markets and corporate finance side.



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